Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dr Jose Pereira ... on the mando

Here's an April 2003 review of Fordham University professor emeritus of theology Dr Pereira's book, co-authored with the late maestro Micael Martins of Orlim and priest - psychotherapist - musician Antonio da Costa now based in Arizona. Details below. Published in 2003 by Aryan Books <aryanbooks@vsnl.com>, this volume deals with Mandos of union and lamentation. http://www.goanet.org/pipermail/goanet/2003-April/001564.html Some publication data: %T Song of Goa %S Mandos of Union and Lamentation %A Pereira, Jose <eximirom at hotmail.com> %A Martins, Micael %A da Costa, Antonio %I Aryan Books International %C New Delhi %D 2003 %O paperback %G ISBN 81-7305-248-4 %P 190pp, Rs 200 %U aryanbooks@vsnl.com %K Goa, music

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