Saturday, July 08, 2006

Just found a number of references to books on Goa at the "Indian" aka Check it out!

PS: Would you believe there are seven books with the title of just Goa or Goa! ? They are by travel-guide author David Abram, journalist and author Mario Cabral e Sa, Harper Collins, (Sir) JM Richards, former Governor Romesh Bhandari, Rupa & Company, and (I think, the did-you-know-it trivia master) V Chandra Mowli.
Lots of links to Goa in the WorldEBookFair. Check this loooooong URL.

Apparently, this site is offering "free access to the public from July 4th to August 4th (2006), in celebration of Project Gutenberg's 25th Birthday". And, we're told that the World eBook Fair is pponsored by the World eBook Library Consortia and Project Gutenberg.

Even found an ebook in which one of my contributions appeared (and wasn't aware of it). It's called Silenced-v34.indd, and deals with censorship issues in cyberspace.